inside of my head

there are more blank places than I did like. I have been fooling myself by cutting corners to happiness in the narrow cold space that is my memories, or is it my reality? Confusion is like the pale autumn clouds and I am being soaked in its rain without  any consolation that my desires are... Continue Reading →

But not all men/women are like that.

Anytime something is said, or written about the issues of sexism, misogyny, harassment, or any behavior that is vile and unacceptable toward both men and women, there is always someone who has to be the duck that says: oh but you know not all men, [or women- are like that [!] (Although that phrase is... Continue Reading →

“They will love you later…

When you are married." I recently had a conversation with a acquaintance.  I can't call her a friend because although we have "known" each other for almost a decade, we know close to nothing about each other. She was telling me how her parents love her, especially her father and brothers show more love to... Continue Reading →

Write. To live. To breath.

Stories- in whatever shape they might come they make up who we are. As a first child in 40 years, I grew up with all sorts of stories, told to me by everyone, from my great-grand parents, to neighbors, about history, national and family, and magical stories of princes' going to advanture, and saving princesses.... Continue Reading →

why we read…we the book lovers that is…

Last week, we highlighted Ann Morgan’s amazing reading project, Postcards from my bookshelf. For each month in 2017, she’s selecting a book and mailing it to a reader somewhere in the world. Readers had much to say about Ann’s book-labor of love. Here are a handful of their responses. Ready for a custom domain, advanced […]... Continue Reading →

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