More than a Body

she. her.

she is always addressed by those words.

Always reminded by words, eyes, whispers that she will never be safe. that there is no place that is safe.

whether its’s a holy place, or her father’s house, whether she is hidden beneath a million veils or showing of her body.

Because they always assume she cannot protect herself.

that her safety is dependent on them.

they have forgotten,

she is strength


and a living,

breathing example of how

they can never win,

because her body is still hers

so is her mind-





2 thoughts on “More than a Body

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  1. I think I had made a comment for each of your publications, yet I’m not sure anymore

    Insecurity, that’s the 1st step to put someone in a corner, anyone, really.
    It starts when we born, “pity that she is girl or she could follow father’s steps and take care of the business” (like just for being a human her capacity is reduced to just that, a woman) “now we have to try again – praise the gods – it might be a boy, this time, so when we’re gone, she will have someone to care of her, find a good husband for her, if we can’t”

    she grows, but she isn’t allowed to follow her wishes – “why do you need to study? and why that course? you won’t be needing it later, taking care of your family… no this isn’t suitable for you… “choose” this one you’ll learn how to cook, how to take care of a man – family – a house – that will be your place in the future.

    she grows more – “we have to find a husband for her quickly… she’s getting old… sooner she will an auntie, n«no man will look at her – they’ll think she has a deffect or a damage
    – someone with our religion, our tastes, someone who can control her rebelions, someone capable to watch over her” .

    She listens in a corner, like she done all her life, there aren’t tears anymore, no words or questions anymore, just a static resignation.

    This text came to mind after my friend’s wedding and the light that seems to be out from her eyes.


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