Summer Lies

I was used to her stealing my toys; the teacups disappearing when we would play on her side on the house- my doll’s shoes sneaking away in unusual ways.  Yet for this past summer we had shared a swing, she had laughed with me, and had been my friend. Nonetheless as we stood on her half of the roof, that she finally had claimed as hers- as the last day of summer neared its end, and the sun blazed with all its might in the horizon just before setting without the usual cool breeze to lightly flutter away the sweat on our brows I tried to stare-but could not help but squint- for the sun was right behind her, so it was almost at if I was staring into the sun-rather than her.

I don’t love you. I never did. 

I just wanted you to trust me…

because you are a fool,

you let people in, you believe in the best of them;

yet your “friends” don’t even want to see your silhouette-

So I never loved you-

who would love a girl who killed her twin

who is sister-less even with a half sister

Who never lies-and never sees when she is lied to.

So no- I never did once loved you.

It was a lie.

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