"She saw him too late He saw her unexpectedly neither knew how the other felt Because they were both visiting their secret place." This was inspired by idea that you could visit a mermaid in a aquarium. However as I painted it, it become something more. It became a story about visiting secrete places. Not... Continue Reading →

Dear Me

Your silence, that comes home with you it's not wrapped in black, no, it's purple-blue- like the morning glory outside my window. The pen says: keep dipping your hands in ink, rather than the paper. I am a poet but… it’s a blank stare- looking at my reflection.

Walk in the city

We didn't realize, that the last of the sun light had diminished into a shy navy blue sky. Guided by street lights we walked, slowly, without any attention to where we walking. We replied to each other's voices just barely aware of people's silhouettes. My senses were numb, keen only to how my hand was... Continue Reading →

Summer Lies

I was used to her stealing my toys; the teacups disappearing when we would play on her side on the house- my doll's shoes sneaking away in unusual ways.  Yet for this past summer we had shared a swing, she had laughed with me, and had been my friend. Nonetheless as we stood on her... Continue Reading →

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